Online Wedding

By Samantha Hirschman, Okoboji Weddings Team Member

Families often end up all over the country as they grow bigger. If someone is not near the Lakes area, they may not be able to come to your wedding. Invite them online! 

Every family has their tech guy, so ask them if they would set up a webcam to stream the wedding ceremony and reception. All your distant family and friends will be able to feel included and you will feel better about them not being able to come! 

Another new technology that could be interesting to use is a GoPro. I’ve seen a concert before where the lead singer wore one and recorded the audience during the concert. 

Maybe have different people wear the GoPro throughout the day. During the ceremony, suggest someone who is not in the ceremony would be willing to wear it as they watch. The Flower Girl or Ring Bearer could strap it to their head during the reception as they run around dancing. 

Or strap the GoPro to a dog. 

It’d be a fun way to relive the special night!