Unique Guest Books

By: Samantha Hirschman, Okoboji Weddings Team Member

When it comes to having a guest book, there are so many different ways to create one.

Do you let guests write messages? Do you get their address?

Here are just a few different ideas for couples who have a passion for something special.


For a couple who met their friends all over the United States or the world, maybe think about having your guests sign a globe or map. Give them a sharpie and have them sign either where you all met or where they are from.


For a couple who loves wine, have your guests sign corks. Then they will also have a little room to write a message! After the special day, you can arrange the corks into a letter, word, or date.



Or maybe you are a couple who spends a lot of time outdoors? Have your guests sign a piece of a tree trunk or a wooden bench.

 Maybe even a boat paddle if you love the water! After all, you are having your wedding at the Lakes.

Maybe you really want to be practical, so when it comes time for Thank You cards, it’s easier.

An Okoboji wedding, though. Maybe you want everyone to sign sea glass that you found on the beach of the Iowa Great Lakes. 

Maybe you both are book lovers!

Board game lovers?

And maybe you’re just a happy couple and just want a little creativity in your guest book.