Lake Wedding Emergency Kit

By: Samantha Hirschman, Okoboji Wedding Team Member

There are a lot of bridal emergency kits out there. Every list always has tampons, Kleenex, medical kit, sewing kit, but there are a few things that you’ll definitely want if you’re having an Okoboji wedding! 

If it’s summer, you’ll definitely want to make sure to have deodorant and a light perfume. 
You’ll also want to probably have sunscreen and bug spray. Being near the water with the hot summer sun can easily burn your face or arms right up, so make sure to keep a bottle in your emergency kit. And in case you get burnt, keep Aloe Vera in your kit too. Depending on where you’re having your ceremony or reception, the bugs could be bad. Gull Point State Park or other locations with a lot of trees could have a lot of mosquitoes of flies. 

If you’ll be around sand, maybe keep an extra pair of socks for your husband-to-be. It may also be good to keep a bottle of water and a quick snack, like a granola bar, just in case you don’t have time to run somewhere. 

Iowa weather can be somewhat unpredictable. As much as no one wants it to rain on their wedding day, it’s always possible. Keep an umbrella ready if rain is in the forecast.

Don’t forget the sunglasses!